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UK [pə(r)ˈmɪʃ(ə)n] / US [pərˈmɪʃ(ə)n] noun [uncountable]
Ways of asking and giving permission:
Can I...? → the most usual and general way of asking permission May I...? → a more formal and polite way of asking permission Would it be all right if/Is it all right if/Do you mind if... → used when asking permission, for showing you do not want to interrupt or annoy someone You can → the most usual and general way of giving permission By all means/Of course/Certainly → a more formal and polite way of giving permission I don't see why not → used when you cannot see any reason to prevent someone from doing something Go ahead/Feel free → used informally for making someone feel comfortable about doing something Help yourself → used informally for giving someone permission to have or use something, especially food or drink If you (really) must → used for giving someone permission to do something, even though you do not really want them to do it
Can I take your car to work tomorrow? May I use the phone? Would it be all right if I turned the radio off? Do you mind if I open a window? You can take the big bag as well if you like. "Could I stay the night at Ann's?" "I don't see why not, so long as you're home before lunch tomorrow." "Do you mind if I bring my bike inside?" "Of course you can/By all means, there's plenty of space." "Is it all right if I take a bath?" "Sure, go ahead/feel free. I'll get you a towel." "Is there any more bread?" "Help yourself. You know where it is." "Is it all right if I invite Bob to the party?" "If you must, but you know I don't like him."
the right to do something that is given to you by someone in authority

You are not allowed to camp here without permission.

permission to do something:

Polowski is currently seeking permission to enter the US.

give/grant someone permission:

Who gave you permission to come in here?

get/obtain someone's permission:

She finally got permission to visit her husband in jail.

ask someone's permission:

Children should ask their parents' permission before making phone calls.

Verbs frequently used with permission as the object ▪  ask, deny, gain, get, give, grant, obtain, receive, refuse, request, secure, seek

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